Software development

Programming and software development significantly complement our three departments. We automate project processes to ensure reproducibility and quality, develop software for the numerical modeling of specific tasks, organize data in various database systems and visualize input data and simulation results in e.g. web applications.

We are confident in many programming languages and frameworks (eg R, Perl, Python, Julia, Haskell, Java, Octave, Matlab, Fortran, C / C ++, PostgreSQL, Geoserver, PostGIS ...) and develop a suitable tool depending on the task for your question.

Your benefit

  • Automation brings time savings and cost reduction.
  • Automation reduces the risk of errors and thus ensures quality.
  • Reproducibility increases transparency and project quality.
  • Process and plant optimization maximizes the benefit-cost ratio.
  • Data management systems effectively manage the increasing amounts of data.
  • Using web applications, complex data can be explored interactively via the browser.
  • Real-time model of groundwater: Daily assimilation (adjustment of calibration parameters) enables cost and resource saving management of the aquifer.
  • Real-time model of river systems: Analysis of current / future flow conditions, optimization of control systems and conditional alarm triggering (SMS, Email) reduces the risk of flooding and saves costs and resources.


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  • Automate workflows (processing pipelines with incremental 're-run' functionality, such as reformatting baseline data, starting calculations, evaluations).
  • Development of auxiliary tools (e.g. Mesh-generation)
  • Development of program specific applications / plugins (QGIS, Basement, Spring, Feflow)
  • Data management (database systems and front-end development)

  • Development and support of real-time online models (e.g. groundwater model Hardhof)
  • Development and support of alarm systems based on real-time data

  • Mathematical optimization of processes (sewer network management, groundwater management, ...)

Contact person

Michel Kuhlmann

Michel Kuhlmann

MSc. Env. Sc. ETH

Head of Division Surface Water

Tel.: +41 (0) 44 288 81 82

Latest News

Michel Kuhlmann, 26. Januar 2018

Talk at Basement User Meeting in Rapperswil (german slides).

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Uli Kuhlmann, 04. September 2017

TK CONSULT AG has devolped an online real-time groundwater model for the public water-supply in Zurich. The model is a decision-making tool for the daily pumping and infiltration rates. It is in active developement and in operation since 10 years.

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