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Since its inception, TK Consult AG has evolved into a well-known service provider in the fields of integrated water management, hydraulic engineering and geothermal energy. Numerical modelling of groundwater, surface water and their interactions, geothermal, rock mechanics, special hydraulics and software development are our specialties.

20 years expertise in numeric modelling


Youtube Channel

Steffen Corbe

17. Juli 2017

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We are happy to annouce our new Youtube Channel.

Welcome Dr. Rouven Künze


01. Juni 2017

We are a happy to announce that Dr. Rouven Künze will join TK Consult AG as a teamleader groundwater beginning from 1st June 2017. Rouven studied environmental engineering at University of Stuttgart. Afterwards he successfully completed his PHD in Geosciences and Environment at the University of Lausanne with the topic "Multi-scale descriptions of density-driven instabilities in porous media". The result of his PHD you can find at maflot.

Welcome Rouven!

Groundwater management in Jinan, China

Steffen Corbe

10. May 2017

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Support of the local authorities in Jinan/China regarding sustainable groundwater management.

3D visualization techniques

Michel Kuhlmann, Steffen Corbe

20. April 2017

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TK Consult AG is involved in the development of new, innovative 3D-visualization techniques and applies them to daily hydraulic engineering practice.

Research cooperation 3D-CFD-Simulations

Steffen Corbe

23. February 2017

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Cooperation with the VAW, ETH Zürich, on the issue: «Aeration and two phase flow characteristics of bottom outlets»

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