About us

After decades of research and consultancy work at the ETH Zurich's Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW), Dr. Jürg Trösch and Dr. Uli Kuhlmann founded TK CONSULT AG in Zurich in 1995. Since 2016 TK CONSULT is a independent subsidiary of HOLINGER AG

The team of ambitious, experienced civil engineers, environmental engineers, environmental scientists and mechanical engineers shows great experience from more than 1000 engineer projects. Thanks to intensive knowledge transfer with ETH Zurich and other universities, we are constantly adapting our methods to the current state of research. The profound knowledge in multiple programming languages as well as the development of our own software applications allow to generate customer-specific solutions. Our well-established knowledge as well as our passion for our profession make us a reliable partner, nationally and globally. Our clients range from municipalities, cantons and the federal government to industries, power plant operators and engineering offices.



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