With our long-term experience in the set-up, calibration and application of numerical flow and transport models in porous media, we are happy to assist you with the planning and cost-effective implementation of your projects with groundwater impact.


  • Set-up of 2D and 3D groundwater-models (small and regional scale) for quantification of flow regimes (SPRING/ FEFLOW)
  • Set-up of 1D and 2D hydraulic models for the description of groundwater and surface-water interactions (quantification of in- and exfiltration processes)
  • Steady-state and transient, inverse automatic fitting of hydrogeological parameters (conductivity, storage coefficient, leakage factor)
  • Numerical simulation of pump and tracer tests (model calibration and validation)
  • Maintenance and updates of calibrated groundwater models (mesh refinement, recalibrations with respect to latest data, implementation of new structures)
  • Data acquisition and cleansing as well as statistical evaluation of model uncertainties
  • Web-based presentation of simulation results

  • Calculation of catchment areas and protection zones of private and public groundwater wells (drinking water abstraction, heat pumps, etc.)
  • Process and pumping rate optimizations (e.g. cost reductions for groundwater infiltrations, dimensioning of construction dewatering)
  • Realtime models including realtime monitoring systems
  • Transport modelling (inverse transport simulations for the calculation of protection zones, hydrogeological quantification of polluted areas and remediation measures)
  • Numerical support for license applications (determination of maximum pumping rates, validation of long-term pressure drops and temperature differences)

  • Validation of the effects of complex structures on the existing flow field (tunnels, portals, docks, flood control structures, etc.) for the construction level and final state
  • Optimization of construction dewatering (production rate, drawdown)
  • Validation of compensation measures for the recovery of the original flow regime (sewer pipes, ditches, wells, etc.)
  • Evaluation of thermal and hydrogeological gravel mining effects on the groundwater aquifer
  • Evaluation of the effects of hydroelectric power stations on the groundwater aquifer
  • Validation of river restoration measures (river widening, meandering, etc.)
  • Optimization and validation of flood protection measures (e.g. flood detention basins, river bed corrections)

  • Simulation of temperature distributions in the groundwater aquifer
  • Simulation of thermal groundwater usage (heat pumps and cooling systems, thermowells, etc.)
  • Simulation of deep geothermal energy systems
  • Derivation of heat potential maps
  • Validation of thermal variances based on constructions with groundwater impact

  • Developement of integrated realtime systems with webinterface
  • Implementation of assimilation methods
  • Implementation of optimization methods
  • Devolopement of long-term storage concepts
  • System support and maintenance

  • Training of international skilled employees
  • Theory of numerical groundwater models
  • Set-up, inverse fitting and validation of groundwater models

Contact person

Dr. Rouven Künze

Dr. Rouven Künze

Ph.D., Dipl. Eng. Environmental Engineer

Head of Division Groundwater

Tel.: +41 (0) 44 288 81 88

Latest News

Michael Ballmer, 18. January 2024

Analysis of the low groundwater level in the period of 2021 - 2023 using numerical modeling and extended data evaluation

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Michael Ballmer, 30 June 2023

Hydrothermal 3D groundwater modelling of the current state and the thermal potential

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Ramona Nüssli, 06. February 2023

Assessment of the flow regime to groundwater wells based on flow line calculations for different transient scenarios

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Ramona Nüssli, 19. August 2022

Applications of thermal groundwater models for the evaluation of the impact of heat pumps.

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Michael Ballmer, 16. December 2021

Development and application of the 3D groundwater model for Außermontafon

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Michael Ballmer, 11. Mai 2021

The existing groundwater model of the Alpine Rhine Valley has been successfully used for the legal specification of the protection zone for the revitalization project of the Werdenberger inland canal.

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Ramona Nüssli, 14. January 2021

Impact assessment of the planned Alpine Rhine widening in Maienfeld / Bad Ragaz on the local groundwater conditions by a 3D flow simulation.

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Dr. Rouven Künze, 18. September 2020

Numerical validation of the impact of the drillings SLA2 and SLA1 on the pressure heads in the shell-limestone for a long-term geothermal energy production.

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Michael Ballmer, 17. June 2020

Catchment area modelling using a numerical groundwater model

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Michael Ballmer, 16. März 2020

Validation of the flood control actions taken for the aquifer in Walgau

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Dr. Rouven Künze, 15. September 2019

Within the framework of the EPC OpenLab agreement signed last year, TK CONSULT AG conducted a one week training course on Groundwater Modelling in Guiyang, China.

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Ramona Nüssli, 13. August 2019

Validation of the pumping rate and depth of withdrawal of a planned drinking water well in Rodund, AT, using 3D groundwater modelling.

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Dr. Rouven Künze, 19. March 2019

In cooperation with the WVZ and ETH Zurich, TK CONSULT AG supervised a master thesis that included the regeneration of the groundwater model Hardhof.

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Michael Ballmer, 17. January 2019

In the context of the latest maintenance project, the existing 3D groundwater model of the Basel area has been hydrothermally extended.

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Dr. Rouven Künze, 23. August 2018

As part of the ECO Forum Global 2018 in Guiyang, TKC has laid the foundation for future collaborations in Guizhou Province .

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Ramona Nüssli, 16. July 2018

Application of a 3d-flow and thermal model for the evaluation of the impact of groundwater usage for cooling purposes.

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Michael Ballmer, 4. June 2018

Calculation of effects and measures of the Inn-revitalisation on the community Bever in the Upper Engadine

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Dr. Rouven Künze, 9. May 2018

Calculation of the effects of the planned Rhine tunnel in Basel on the current groundwater flow and evaluation of possible compensatory measures

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Michael Ballmer, 9. Februar 2018

On behalf of the International Government Commission Alpenrhein (IRKA), TK CONSULT AG is maintaining and supervising the Alpenrhein groundwater model for 20 years now.

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Steffen Corbe, 19. Oktober 2017

Talk about groundwater protection and management in Switzerland as well as applications and technical possibilities

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Uli Kuhlmann, 04. September 2017

TK CONSULT AG has devolped an online real-time groundwater model for the public water-supply in Zurich. The model is a decision-making tool for the daily pumping and infiltration rates. It is in active developement and in operation since 10 years.

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Steffen Corbe, 10. May 2017

Helping the local authorities in Jinan, China in the area of sustainable groundwater management.

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