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Since founding in 1995, TK CONSULT AG has evolved into a well-known provider of integrated water management, hydraulic engineering and geothermal energy services. We specialise in the numerical modelling of groundwater and surface water, and their interactions, as well as geothermics, special hydraulics and software development.

More than 25 years of expertise in numerical modelling


Hydraulic optimization of the inlet system of the wastewater treatment plant Chur

Andrej Sternin

20. September 2023

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Verification of the safety mechanisms of a sewer system in the event of heavy precipitation by means of CFD simulation

Thermal groundwater utilization of the unconsolidated aquifer in the Rhine Valley of St.Gallen

Michael Ballmer

30 June 2023

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Hydrothermal 3D groundwater modelling of the current state and the thermal potential

Dübendorf airfield area development

Michel Kuhlmann

12 May 2023

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Numerical 2D-runoff-modelling regarding flood and surface runoff hazards

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