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Since founding in 1995, TK CONSULT AG has evolved into a well-known provider of integrated water management, hydraulic engineering and geothermal energy services. We specialise in the numerical modelling of groundwater and surface water, and their interactions, as well as geothermics, special hydraulics and software development.

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Welcome Dr. Ning Li!

Rouven Künze

01. April 2021

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We are happy to welcome Dr. Ning Li who will join the Groundwater team at TK CONSULT AG from July 1st, 2021.

3D-CFD simulation of a vortex dropshaft with an upstream stabilization basin

Mattias Deller

June 15, 2021

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Hydraulic capacity validation of a vortex dropshaft with a fall height of 68 m using 3D-CFD simulations

Revitalization of the inland canal and groundwater protection in Sevelen

Michael Ballmer

11. Mai 2021

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The existing groundwater model of the Alpine Rhine Valley has been successfully used for the legal specification of the protection zone for the revitalization project of the Werdenberger inland canal.

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