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Since founding in 1995, TK CONSULT AG has evolved into a well-known provider of integrated water management, hydraulic engineering and geothermal energy services. We specialise in the numerical modelling of groundwater and surface water, and their interactions, as well as geothermics, special hydraulics and software development.

More than 25 years of expertise in numerical modelling


ARA Basel: Hydraulic verification and optimization of a distribution structure using CFD simulations

Andrej Sternin, Michel Kuhlmann

17. May 2024

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For the expansion of ARA Basel, TK CONSULT AG, together with HOLINGER AG, carried out the hydraulic verification of a distribution structure, developed optimization possibilities, and dimensioned the installations in the distribution structure using numerical modeling.

New bridge construction in Basel for the Deutsche Bahn railway network

Michel Kuhlmann, Dila Demiral Yüzügüllü, Mario Dolder

15 March 2024

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Assessment of the flood risk and dimensioning of the required bed stabilisation measures.

Low groundwater level in the Außermontafon aquifer (Austria)

Michael Ballmer

18. January 2024

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Analysis of the low groundwater level in the period of 2021 - 2023 using numerical modeling and extended data evaluation

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