Surface water

TK CONSULT AG offers a wide variety of services in the domain of surface water modelling. This includes design of flood controls and hydraulic structures, sediment and debris studies as well as hazard and risk analysis. Our services are complemented using automatization and optimization tools. We continue to improve our vizalizations to present the numerical results in an understandable way. We apply different empirical and numerical models depending on the corresponding question and problem.


  • Hydraulic 1D/2D/3D-modelling
  • Sediment and suspended transport in rivers and morphologic development
  • Ecological modelling of aquatic habitats
  • Design, analysis and optimization of hydraulic structures (e.g. culverts, flood retention basins, weirs, fish passage)
  • Design of driftwood rakes
  • Desing of bedload traps
  • CFD

  • Flood simulation and hazard maps
  • Flood wave modelling
  • Development of integral flood-control-concepts

  • Rainfall-runoff model
  • Estimation of flood relevant discharge
  • Modelling of surface run-off due to extreme rainfall events

  • Hydropeaking
  • Bed load transport
  • Fish migration facilities
  • Optimisation of operation
  • Hydraulic calculations for weir control

  • Optimization, calibration of numerical models
  • Inverse modelling
  • Real-time online models
  • Web applications (software development)

Contact person

Michel Kuhlmann

Michel Kuhlmann

MSc. Env. Science ETH

Head of Division Surface Water/CFD

Tel.: +41 (0) 44 288 81 82

Latest News

Michel Kuhlmann, Dila Demiral Yüzügüllü, Mario Dolder, 15 March 2024

Assessment of the flood risk and dimensioning of the required bed stabilisation measures.

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Michel Kuhlmann, 12 May 2023

Numerical 2D-runoff-modelling regarding flood and surface runoff hazards

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Michel Kuhlmann, October 4, 2021

TK CONSULT AG was invited to hold a talk at this year's Hydraulic Engineering Symposium at ETH Zürich on the subject of «2D flood-modelling of the river Sihl in the City of Zürich».

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Steffen Corbe, March 15, 2021

2D Simulations of the Flood Retention Basin «Drei Brücken»

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Lukas Vonwiller, December 3, 2020

2-D Flood Modelling in the City of Zurich Taking into Account Briges and Culverts

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Steffen Corbe, 15 July 2020

Evaluation of measures to increase the discharge capacity of the Limmat by 2D simulation.

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Michel Kuhlmann, Dr. Uli Kuhlmann, 15 July 2020

Evaluation of different weir configurations using inverse hydraulic 1D modelling.

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Dr. Lukas Vonwiller, April 16, 2020

Analysis of reservoir operation scenarios on morpho-dynamics and restoration of bedload continuity at the reservoir in Klingnau

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Dr. Lukas Vonwiller, January 17, 2020

TK CONSULT AG improved the understanding of morphodynamic processes during flood events at the Wiese River using morphodynamic 2D simulations.

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Steffen Corbe, October 18, 2019

TK CONSULT AG will give a presentation on Tuesday, 3th December 2019, at 5:15 pm at the Blue Colloquium of the VAW ETH Zurich on the topic "2D Simulation of flood scenarios on the flood plane of the river Sihl".

Further details can be found on the website Seminars VAW.

We are looking forward to an active participation.

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Michel Kuhlmann, 09. Nov. 2018

Analysis of extreme flood discharges at the Escherkanal - 1D & 2D runoff modelling

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Steffen Corbe, 13. März 2018

Thermal modelling can show how warmed or cooled water spreads and mixes in rivers and lakes.

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Michel Kuhlmann, 26. Januar 2018

Talk at Basement User Meeting in Rapperswil (german slides).

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Mattias Deller, 13. November 2017

Article to the waterbalance of Switzerland in the September '17 edition of the magazine "Wasser Energie Luft"

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Michael Kuhlmann, 25. Januar 2017

Problem analysis with 2d-modelling. Talk by Steffen Corbe held at the Basement User Meeting in Rapperswil

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