Waterbalance of Switzerland 2.0

Mattias Deller, 13. November 2017

Article to the waterbalance of Switzerland in the September '17 edition of the magazine "Wasser Energie Luft"

"Wasser Energie Luft" - 109. Jahrgang, 2017, Heft 3, CH-5401 Baden, Seite 213, Bild 1

During my internship at the Federal Institute for Water Snow and Landscape (WSL) I had the opportunity to participate on the development of a new model-based method to estimate the waterbalance of Switzerland. This approach is based on the hydrological model PREVAH, which models the entire hydrological Switzerland with a resolution of 200x200m. The results of this new approach have been verified with 71 catchemnet areas and are consistent with older studies. It is now possible to do a monthly waterbalance on a regional level, this improves the comparability between the single years.

The article can be found under the following link:

Wasser Energie Luft - Wasserhaushalt der Schweiz 2.0 (Ab Seite 60)

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