Simulation of a vortex dropshaft

Steffen Corbe, 18. February 2019

3D-CFD-simulations for the verification and optimization of a vortex dropshaft with two-way inflow.

Simulated air velocity

TK CONSULT AG has been commissioned to numerically evaluate the hydraulics of a vortex dropshaft with two-way inflow. This inlcudes the validation of the actual state as well as a validation of different optimization methods.

In this complex hydraulic structure, we observe a controlled vertical drop of more than 10 m. A trouble-free operation strongly relies on a sufficient air circulation, an appropriate diameter of the down pipe as well as on the junction of the two inflows in the swirl chamber.

The corresponding simulations have been performed by use of a two-phase-flow-model (water-air). This enabled the verification of the air pipes diameter. In addition, structures as splitter walls, bed slope or absorption chamber were optimized under the restriction of guaranteeing a power reserve as well as an usage maximization of the investment.