Supervision of master thesis of Hanna Beeler (ETH)

Dr. Rouven Künze, 19. March 2019

In cooperation with the WVZ and ETH Zurich, TK CONSULT AG supervised a master thesis that included the regeneration of the groundwater model Hardhof.

New mesh with detailed description of wells.

For about 10 years, TK CONSULT AG takes care of the real-time-groundwater-management system of the water supply Zurich (WVZ). It enables the optimized management of the infiltration and pumping wells and with that a cost-effective process (further information at: Newsletter November 2018, Newsletter September 2017).

Disregarding minor adjustments, the integrated groundwater model Hardhof has been used in its original version up to now. Due to new constructions in the last 10 years, mesh generator enhancements and increasing computational power, the involved parties agreed on a regeneration of the groundwater model. The project was realized in the framework of the master thesis of Hanna Beeler (ETH). She was supervised by the ETH, WVZ and TK CONSULT AG. Hanna submitted her thesis in January. The result of her work is a new 3D model that describes the in- and exfiltration wells as well as other facilities in a detailed way and that has been calibrated with respect to the latest transient usage conditions.

The new model will be integrated soon in the realtime system. We warmly congratulate Hanna on her successful completion of her studies and we wish her all the best for the future.

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Dr. Rouven Künze

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