20 years groundwater model Alpenrhein

Michael Ballmer, 9. Februar 2018

On behalf of the International Government Commission Alpenrhein (IRKA), TK CONSULT AG is maintaining and supervising the Alpenrhein groundwater model for 20 years now.

The International Government Commission Alpenrhein (IRKA) authorized the consortium Groundwater Regime Alpenrhein (Rudhardt + Gasser civil engineer, office for hydrogeology Dr. Peter Angehrn AG, TK CONSULT AG) to set-up and calibrate the groundwater model Alpenrhein. The model is based on the software SPRING and the project extended from 1997 to 2000. Since 2002 the model has been continuously refined, improved, expanded and recalibrated within the scope of multiple maintenance contracts of IRKA or its members. It has been employed by public and private clients to solve various problems. The model covers an area of 500 km² including 73 municipalities (10 situated in Liechtenstein, 25 in Vorarlberg, 14 in Grison and 24 in St.Gallen).

The model has been successfully applied in the foolowing projects:

  • Emergency Relief Rooms Alpenrhein
  • Expansion of the Alpine Rhine (Maienfeld / Bad Ragaz, Untervaz)
  • River development concept Bregenzerach
  • Power plant projects Illspitz, Kapfwerk (Feldkirch), Lochau (Bregenz), various locations Alpenrhein (LKW)
  • Calculation of the inflow areas for existing or planned groundwater wells Maienfeld, Malans, Neugüeter (Bad Ragaz), Sargans basin, Rheinau (Buchs), Lauterach, Hard, Bregenz, ...
  • Thermal groundwater use EPC Sargans, Plantahof Landquart, Blum Bregenz, Pfanner Lauerach, VKW Bregenz, ...
  • Thermal modeling as part of the energy plan Chur
  • S18 Bodensee expressway
  • Lakeside Bregenz

In the following future potential applications of the model are listed:

  • Determination of the influence of revitalization, expansion, power plant and flood protection projects on waters
  • Thermal modeling in the context of future groundwater uses
  • Issues related to public water supply or private water use
  • Determination of groundwater effects of structure works (tunnels, foundations, construction pit drainage) and development of measures

A next update of the model is to come in 2018. Major focus is on the construction of a current floodwater map, which is of great importance for future building permits.

Contact person

Michael Ballmer

Michael Ballmer

Dipl. Civil Eng. ETH

Project manager

E-Mail:  michael.ballmer@tkconsult.ch
Tel.: +41 (0) 44 288 81 84