Thermal groundwater simulation of cooling water extraction for the company Blum

Ramona Nüssli, 16. July 2018

Application of a 3d-flow and thermal model for the evaluation of the impact of groundwater usage for cooling purposes.

Overview of the locations of the measurements, injections and productions

To answer actual and future questions concerning the thermal groundwater use in the region of Vorarlberg (AT) TKC was assigned by the company Blum to establish a thermal 3d model of the respective area. As a basis the existing 2d-flow model, which is maintained by TKC, is used.

Comparison of modelled (red) and measured (blue) temperatures
Comparison of modelled (red) and measured (blue) temperatures.

A validation of the simulated thermal conditions was carried out based on existing temperature measurements available from gauges and utilisations. The simulation showed that the current thermal use of the aquifer meets the legal regulations. The model can now be used to estimate the impact of the increased withdrawal due to the planned extension of the plant.

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