Dübendorf airfield area development

Michel Kuhlmann, 12 May 2023

Numerical 2D-runoff-modelling regarding flood and surface runoff hazards

Model perimeter.

A transition and redesign of the former military airfield at Dübendorf is currently being planned at the preliminary study stage. As part of the Dübendorf airfield area development, the fundamentals for the implementation projects are being drawn up according to the synthesis report.

Two public watercourses, the Chrebsschüsselibach and Dürrbach, and a drainage ditch, the Pohlgraben, run through the project perimeter and are to be revitalised. In the study, the current planning status regarding flood and surface runoff hazards was analysed by means of numerical 2D runoff modelling.

Based on the modelling, several assumptions could be verified, and valuable insights were gained for further planning.

Additional information is available at https://gefd.zuerich/.

Planned landscape at Dübendorf airfield (Source: Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten AG).

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Michel Kuhlmann

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