Presentation at the VPE-workshop in Rapperswil

Andrej Sternin, 23 November 2023

TK CONSULT AG was invited by the VPE/PLM (virtual product development/ product lifecycle management) association to give a presentation on the topic of verification and validation of simulations.

Different levels at which validation can be carried out.

At the workshop "Verification and Validation of Simulations", which was organised by the VPE/PLM Swiss Association in Rapperswil on 16/11/2023, TK CONSULT AG was invited to present its methods on this topic.

It was shown at which levels validation can be carried out to ensure the highest possible quality of the simulation results based on the available empirical data. In this context, a self-developed software was presented that automatically generates parameter studies (e.g. channel flow or weir overfall) and thus quantifies the model sensitivities of different components.

Software-concept for automatic generation, execution, and analysis of parameter studies.

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