New bridge construction in Basel for the Deutsche Bahn railway network

Michel Kuhlmann, Dila Demiral Yüzügüllü, Mario Dolder, 15 March 2024

Assessment of the flood risk and dimensioning of the required bed stabilisation measures.

Construction site view (source photo: Mario Dolder, HOLINGER AG).

Deutsche Bahn is currently building a new bridge over the "Wiese" river as part of the extension and new construction of the line Karlsruhe - Basel. TK CONSULT AG carried out runoff modelling of the Wiese to assess the flood risk and as a hydraulic basis for the dimensioning of the river bed stabilisation. The influence of the new bridge piers in the channel was hydraulically assessed for the planned final state. Based on the modelling, the fills were also optimised during the construction period with regard to flood safety.

HOLINGER AG Basel is responsible for the subsequent dimensioning of the river bed stabilisation and the ongoing construction supervision of the implemented measures. The concept envisages the construction of temporary river bed stabilisation in the area of the narrowing and below it. In addition, the foreshore areas of the Wiese must be secured against erosion with a carpet of blocks, as a sewer runs there on the one side and the tower crane required for the bridge construction will be positioned on the other. Once construction is complete in approx. 2 years, the bed and bank protection will be removed.

Further information on the project can be found on the Deutsche Bahn website.

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