Update of the 3D groundwater model of the Basel area

Michael Ballmer, 17. January 2019

In the context of the latest maintenance project, the existing 3D groundwater model of the Basel area has been hydrothermally extended.

Model area (dark-blue: Basel-City, bright-blue: Basel-Land, Germany, France)

In 2000, the consortium Groundwater-Model (Kiefer&Studer AG, TK CONSULT AG, GPI) developed and calibrated a 2D groundwater model for the area of Basel on behalf of the Office for Environment and Energy (AUE). The model has been used to answer both public and private problems. Many of those issues were dealing with structure works in the saturated zone. These projects enabled a continuous improvement and assimilation of the original model in cooperation with local hydrogeologists.

In 2018, TK CONSULT AG was commissioned to make a large update of the current model version. Main focus was laid on the 3D conversion of the flow model and on its hydrothermal extension. From now on, the updated model should serve as fundamental basis for upcoming decisions on groundwater usage or constructions with groundwater impact.

Contact person

Michael Ballmer

Michael Ballmer

Dipl. Civil Eng. ETH

Project manager

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